Hosted-Xchange with SmartSync data synchronization

With Hosted-Xchange it is much easier to coordinate and organize teamwork. Access given to calendars, contacts, tasks and e-mails increases the productivity of groups considerably.

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Hosted-Xchange Features

  • Data storage in switzerland
  • 5 GB Storage per account
  • Ideal for team collaboration
  • SmartSync included
  • Calendars, contacts, tasks and e-mails sharing
  • Share your documents with other users
Pricelist Xchange Price in CHF per month
Xchange Account 4.90
Xchange Accounts 5-Pack 19.90
Xchange Accounts 10-Pack 37.90
Xchange Accounts 25-Pack 87.50

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Local rate: CHF 0.04 per minute (Fixed and mobile network)

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®

Webland SmartSync is based on Microsoft’s data synchronization protocol Exchange ActiveSync® (EAS). This protocol was developed by Microsoft to coordinate and synchronize mobile devices with a central server. The licensed EAS protocol allows to synchronize iPhones and other devices literally „over-the-air“ without having to install any additional software.

Microsoft DirectPush®

Webland SmartSync also supports Microsoft’s DirectPush® function. This DirectPush® function allows you to do data synchronizations with your mobile phone initialized by the Xchange server. So, your data are always up-to-date at any time and in any place.

Communication, teamwork, mobility

Hosted-Xchange Business from Webland extends the functionality of the SmartSync solution by the possibility for people to work together. Additionally, the business solution integrates a data management which allows documents to be used by several users.

The Instant Messenger can be used in teams as an additional means of communication.


With Hosted-Xchange it is much easier to coordinate and organize teamwork. Access given to calendars, contacts, tasks and e-mails increases the productivity of groups considerably.

All functionalities and data categories are supported by Webland Hosted-Xchange. Access can be given to other users globally at file and/or element level.

Saving money

Save your money and resources with Hosted-Xchange Business from Webland. The budget of a typical firm with 10 accounts presents itself as follows (approximate data, status as of 23.01.2010). The outsourcing of your infrastructures may also be a relief for your IT department:

  • Personal MS Exchange server: CHF 10'000.-
  • Hosted MS Exchange server: CHF 2'000.-
  • Webland Hosted-Xchange server: CHF 460.-


iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry

iPad / Tablets

iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, HP Touch

Windows PC

Windows XP-10, Outlook 2010 - 2016, WebAccess

Mac OS

OS X Leopard-macOS, WebAccess

Hosted Xchange Feature details


Your e-mails are being permanently synchronized with all of your devices. SmartSync is constantly checking your account for new e-mails and informs you immediately about incoming e-mails. The push function causes your e-mails to be transferred automatically and instantly to your Smartphone, notebook, PC or tablet – without requiring your attention. It allows you to access your new e-mails at any time and from anywhere.


Access your contacts and update your data whenever you need to and without having to connect your devices to a PC. SmartSync will send your new data automatically „over the cloud/air“ to the server and a few seconds later all your devices will show the new details of your contacts in your address book.


Manage your appointments and not your devices. With SmartSync you always know when and where to meet and missed appointments are things of the past. Change an appointment on your Smartphone and a few seconds later SmartSync will update your diary on your other devices – without any cable and without connecting cables to your notebook, PC or tablet.


Whether you are using a notebook, PC, tablet or Smartphone, your „to do’s“ can be noted down from any place and with any device. With SmartSync you always have an eye on your updated to-do list.


Whatever comes to your mind on your journeys and whatever device you are having with you, let your thoughts take their course and SmartSync takes care that none of your brilliant ideas gets lost.


  • All rates are in CHF per month, VAT included.
  • All our hosting plans will be set up in real time.
  • WEBLAND.CH is a BAKOM registered internet service provider (since 1998).

* Some features are only available for hosting business plans