Hardware DSL / Fiber

Webland offers you high quality routers (modems) from ZyXEL on particularly favorable conditions. Make sure to choose the right device. You need to check whether you have an analog or digital connection and whether you wish to benefit from an DSL or Fiber offer.


High-speed router for homes or offices with analog VDSL connection.

ZyXEL P-870H-I

High-speed router of the latest generation for homes or offices with ISDN VDSL connection.


Entry-level gateway for homes or offices with fiber connector that require WiFi.


Professional gateway of the latest generation for homes or branch offices with fiber connection using VoIP and optional WLAN.

What is a router?

Routers are network devices which - depending on your perspective - combining or separating several computer networks. The router analyzes the incoming data packets according to their destination and blocks them or forwards them.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wireless local area network (wireless LAN, W-LAN, Wi-Fi) is a local radio network, where most of the time, a standard of the IEEE 802.11 family is meant. The term Wi-Fi is used for this narrower meaning in some countries (such as United States, Spain, France, Italy).

Pricelist Hardware Price in CHF incl. VAT
ZyXEL VMG1312 (analog, 3803)
109.00 instead of 148.00
ZyXEL VMG1312 Bridge (analog, 3802)
129.00 instead of 178.00
ZyXEL VMG1312 WLAN (analog, 3801)
149.00 instead of 198.00
ZyXEL P-870H-I (ISDN, 3825) 119.00 instead of 148.00
ZyXEL P-870H-I Bridge (ISDN, 3827) 139.00 instead of 178.00
ZyXEL FSG1100HN (Fiber, 3850) 59.00 instead of 69.00
ZyXEL FMG3025 (Fiber, 3871) 129.00 instead of 169.00