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How is web hosting by Webland different from that of other providers?


Website reachability and proper functioning of the mail server are indispensable for the operation of your own homepage. For that reason, stable infrastructure and perfectly functioning server maintenance on the part of the host provider are at the very top of our list of priorities. In this, as with all our services, Webland places the highest priority on customer satisfaction and the quality of the services offered. Webland has been active on the Swiss hosting market since 1998 and therefore can offer you the experience and security that you should expect from "100% Swiss quality" hosting.


Webland offers a wide variety of hosting packages at the most favourable price/performance ratios. WebIand takes pains to offer you services at a fair price without compromising on quality (dumping providers), thus continuing to pass along savings and/or considerable improvements in quality.

Other Advantages:

Webland offers you a 100% Swiss SMB company for your web hosting and therefore you are able to save yourself a lot of trouble that may be incurred when dealing with foreign service providers or gigantic, faceless, corporations. Webland also makes it possible for you to pay your hosting fees easily by means of a billing statement or payment slip (credit cards are not required).


Webland offers you e-mail support 365 days a year. During our regular business hours, you can reach our support team by telephone. The telephone hotline is available to handle your questions at normal rates and not at the more expensive 0900 rates used by other providers.


You can contact us at our personal hotline number

0840 20 20 20