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How can I transfer a domain from Webland to another registrar?

It is not necessary to change the domain registry provider.
You can log in the Domain Manager and enter the name server of your provider.

Nevertheless, if you want to change the domain registry provider, we will be pleased to make the transfer possible.
For that please log in the Domain Manager with your contact ID and password. There you can click on "Send message" and write which domains you want to transfer to a new provider.
We will review your information on receipt.
As soon as we approve the domain for the transfer, we will inform you by e-mail.

If you do not have the information (contact ID and the domain holder's password), which you require to fill out the aforementioned form right at hand, you can send it to you with the Domain Manager login.


You can contact us at our personal hotline number

0840 20 20 20