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Deactivation of the FrontPage Server Extensions, PHP version 4 and ASP.NET Framework version 1.x from the 31.12.2015. (19.08.2015)

Because the FrontPage Server Extensions ,the PHP version 4 and the ASP.NET Framework version 1.x are no longer supported by the manufacturers, we are obliged for safety reasons to disable them from 31.12.2015.

The following changes take place from 31.12.2015 automatically:

  • Frontpage Server Extensions are no longer available
  • Hostings with PHP version 4 will be converted to version 5.2
  • Hostings with ASP.NET Framework 1.x will be converted to version 2.0
What does this mean for you?


In the future you must upload the data via FTP.
Here you find more help:
How do I upload my files via FTP to the server?


If you have PHP 4 or ASP .NET 1.x based web applications in use, you should immediately check if these applications work with PHP 5.2 (or higher) or ASP.NET 2.0 (or higher).
If necessary, your applications must be migrated to a higher version.
Here you find more help:
Migration of a PHP 4 application
Migration of a ASP .NET 1.1 applicationn