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The company was to become a story of success.

Only 2 years later it was transformed into a joint-stock company. Today, the brand name WEBLAND.CH is known to any knowledgeable homepage provider. Even after over twenty years of existence, Webland AG plays an important role on a constantly changing market and ranks among the "top ten" of Switzerland’s webhosting providers.

  • check-iconFounded in 1998
  • check-iconLegal status Joint-stock company
  • check-iconHead office Münchenstein/BL
  • check-iconEmployees 15
  • check-iconLocation of computer centers Basel, Münchenstein/BL
  • check-iconAssociations/memberships Bakom, SIMSA

Swissness is our business

Swissness and its virtues, such as quality, technical innovations, high customer satisfaction, reliability, precision and safety, are a central and practical part of its philosophy and not just empty words – "There is no such thing as an impossible mission" is our promise to our customers which can be fulfilled only by making unceasing commitments and high demands on ourselves.


Our core business:
We know what we can do

Thanks to its clearly defined corporate strategy focused on webhosting, domain registration and xDSL services, Webland succeeded in offering excellent top-quality products and services to all customer segments – both in the past and in the future. Big, small and middle sized companies, associations and private customers count among the satisfied customers of Webland AG. Today, more than 75,000 domains benefit from our first-rate Webland service. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

A technical infrastructure of highest standards

Webland AG has its own redundant and up-to-date data centers in Basel and Münchenstein/BL – two Swiss locations of high quality and safety where even banks outsourced their infrastructures. An uncompromisingly constructed and applied technology guarantees an extraordinary level of reliability. To ensure a maximum of availability, all infrastructures are permanently supervised by our service center (more details can be obtained here).


We’re here to help

Our Support Center contains FAQs and user guides.