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To Our Environment

The electricity used for Webland’s computer center at IWB is produced exclusively from renewable energy sources. Particularly the energy consumed by the Internet makes a significant difference. According to estimates the CO2 emissions caused by the Internet are heavier than the damages caused by the international aviation. This is mainly due to the high power consumption of computers, networks and air-conditioners.


As a regionally established company we deliberately decided to choose IWB’Regiostrom which is one hundred per cent produced from water power and comes from the regional power stations of Birsfelden and Neuewelt (Münchenstein). These plants are certified with the «naturemade» quality label for energy from renewable sources. With its decision to use IWB’s ecological energy, Webland AG makes an essential contribution to the climate’s protection. Our company also supports the development of regional energy production as well as the construction of particularly ecological plants (certificate). Extra costs are assumed by Webland AG and not charged to its end customers.


Free hosted e-mail infrastructure for schools

Webland AG is making sustainable commitments to tomorrow’s information society: We offer free e-mail addresses to Swiss schools so that any school can open and manage an unlimited number of e-mail addresses. With the "E-Mail EDUCATION" hosting offered by Webland AG, students and teachers are available online whenever required – this allows to make fast and efficient exchanges of information about school subjects.

The advantages of "E-Mail EDUCATION“ school version at a glance:

The e-mail infrastructure hosted by Webland AG for free can be easily integrated into your school’s domain. The standardized e-mail addresses will be installed and administered competently and responsibly by an authorized teacher or principal through an access account or configurator. So, you have full control of the system and can avoid abuses. If a student or teacher leaves school, their personal e-mail address will be deleted. "E-Mail EDUCATION" includes, among other things, the Xchange Web Access which allows students and teachers to access their data (e-mails, diary, contacts, tasks) from any computer with Internet access – and this with a fixed memory space for each domain. The students and teachers can access "E-Mail EDUCATION" not only through Microsoft, Mac and Linux systems but also through the new generation browser of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.
If not available yet, the domain must previously be demanded by the school.

We’re here to help

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