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SmartAnalytics provides key information webmasters and marketers
need to help drive traffic to a website. In the internet age, a fast,
well-designed and meticulously optimized site can mean the
difference between business success and business failure.


Maintain Your online

Find site problems before you lose traffic, ranking or revenue.
SmartAnalytics`site tuning protects you against more than 20
common issues to help you maintain your online presence.

Analyze visitor data
across months

SmartAnalytics breaks down your websites statistics broadly or
granularly, so users can analyze visitor data across months, weeks,
days or even hours. Discover which day of the week your website
gets the most traffic and use that information to determine the
best day to launch a new marketing campaign.


Develop new Partnerships

Understanding how website visitors and search engine spiders
access and use your site is crucial for running a successful
website. If specific websites are driving traffic to your site, you
may want to develop new partnerships or place advertising on
the sites.

Website optimization

Once you know who your visitors are, you can find out what they’re
like. What browser or operating system are they using? Which mobile
devices are frequently used to access your site? This information can
be critical when deciding whether to start a marketing strategy that
targets mobile users or even whether to continue to support a
legacy browser.


*The module Site-Tunung is only available from the plan Hosting Basic.

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