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ColdFusion HostingMiddleware

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Adobe® ColdFusion® allows you a quick and easy creation of powerful internet applications.

Adobe® ColdFusion® gives you the tools needed for a quick development of demanding and varied internet applications. Since ColdFusion can be integrated into almost any IT environment, you can do both s mall applications for individual departments and flexible, scalable and reliable implementations of important business applications.

Available for every business hosting package for CHF 9.90 / month.

Location Switzerland

Webland’s productive and primary computer center is located at IWB (Industrielle Werke Basel) in Basel, the largest carrier-neutral computer center in the region of North-Western Switzerland. An uncompromisingly constructed and applied technology guarantees an extraordinarily high level of reliability.

The backup data center is located at EBM in Münchenstein and is connected to the productive computer center through multi-redundant 10 gigabit glass fiber connections.



As a Swiss Internet provider, we attach great importance to a faultless and sophisticated infrastructure.
Therefore we spare neither trouble nor expense for a fail-safe operation of high quality.

Redundant air conditioning, personal substations with medium high voltage supply, diesel emergency units,
uninterruptible power supply, identification via access system, video supervision, earthquakeproof building, smoke
and water alarm, dry powder extinguishers, supervision and alert systems ensure a smooth operation.

More than 15 years of experience

Thanks to its clearly defined corporate strategy focused on webhosting, domain registration and xDSL services, Webland succeeded in offering excellent top-quality products and services to all customer segments – both in the past and in the future. Big, small and middle sized companies, associations and private customers count among the satisfied customers of Webland AG. Today, more than 75,000 domains benefit from our first-rate Webland service. Thank you for placing your trust in us.


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