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As a Swiss Internet provider

We attach great importance to a faultless and sophisticated infrastructure. Therefore we spare neither trouble nor expense for a fail-safe operation of high quality.

Servers and storage

The server infrastructure consists of the most up-to-date 64bit multiprocessor systems from Intel. The whole platform is clustered and virtualized. In case of a breakdown of the systems, the other systems will do their jobs without interruption.

For the storage of data, a highly available and mirrored SAN from IBM is used which is abundantly and redundantly connected to the servers through a glass fiber channel.


Location Switzerland

Webland’s productive and primary data center is located at IWB (Industrielle Werke Basel) in Basel, the largest carrier-neutral computer center in the region of North-Western Switzerland. An uncompromisingly constructed and applied technology guarantees an extraordinarily high level of reliability. The data center is ISAE 3402 SSAE 16 type II audited and certified.

Redundant air conditioning, personal substations with medium high voltage supply, diesel emergency units, uninterruptible power supply, identification via access system, video supervision, earthquakeproof building, smoke and water alarm, dry powder extinguishers, supervision and alert systems ensure a smooth operation.

computer center is located at EBM in Münchenstein and is connected to the productive computer center through multi-redundant 10 gigabit glass fiber connections.



The backup solution is an integral part of Webland’s SAN. The data stored are constantly being transferred from the primary computer center to the backup computer center to attain permanent availability. The backup systems’ direct access through our own storage network makes sure that the servers are not exposed to additional strain.



All servers and their services, Internet lines, network infrastructure, storage solutions and uninterruptible power supply are constantly being monitored - 24 hours a day and 365 days a year - to ensure a high level of availability. An intelligent software solution eliminates faults independently and gives an early warning in case of problems. Our emergency service ensures the permanent supervision of all systems.



The whole network is redundantly constructed and is based on Enterprise equipment from Cisco. In case of a breakdown of individual lines, the other lines will do their jobs without interruption. The core switches are redundantly connected to each other as well as with access switches. This and the splitting of data traffic increases their fail-safety and performance.


Internet connection lines

The Internet connection is established through several independent glass fiber lines toward different providers whose bandwidths largely exceed demand even in peak hours. In case of a breakdown of some lines, the other lines will do the transport of data. For a maximum of availability and optimal routing, we entertain numerous peerings with other national and international ISP’s and carriers.

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