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Fake e-mails are currently circulating.

These are not sent by us, but by fraudsters.

Do not react to these emails and especially do not click on the link they contain.

Unfortunately, scurrilous scammers try again and again to cause damage in this way and to unsettle domain owners.

Your webhosting account and/or domain is managed by us (Webland AG) and remains active.

From now on our invoices will be delivered in PDF format via email. You can pay them by bank transfer or conveniently and securely by credit card, PayPal or Twint via the "Webland Online Payment Portal". You will find payment instructions on the invoice.

ASP.NET Core 5.0.1 and PHP version 8 is now available on all Windows web servers.

Currently fake e-mails are circulating.
They will not be sent by us, but by scammers.
Do not respond to this letter, and especially do not click the link provided.
Unfortunately always bizarre scammers keep trying in this way to cause damage and to unsettle the domain owner.
Your domain and webhosting-account will be managed by us (Webland AG), thus your domain remains active and of course registered for you.

.NET Core 3.1.1, Node.js LTS 12.14.1 and PHP 7.4 are now available on the windows web servers.

.NET Core 3.0.0 and .NET Core 2.2.7 are now available on the web servers.

.NET Framework 4.8 .NET Core 2.2.6 and SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET framework v 13.0.25 are available on the web servers.

PHP Version 7.3 Framework 4.7.2, .NET Core 2.2.4 and Node.js LTS 10.15.2 are available on the web servers.

In recent weeks there has again been a massive increase in spam emails.
In many cases, these e-mails are sent with fake sender addresses (From: Address).
No e-mail accounts or mail servers are hacked, only a "From" address is faked (often your own address).
We have now proactively made a Webland specific SPF entry in the zone file (DNS) for all domains* hosted at Webland to block such e-mails.
If, in addition to the Webland mail servers, you want to authenticate other mail servers for sending mail with your domain as the sender, you must necessarily complete the SPF entry (e.g. sending newsletters via third-party providers such as Mailchimp etc.).
*No changes have been made for domains that already have SPF entries or external MX entries in the DNS zone file.

Protecting your privacy is a matter of prime importance to us.
The EU's new general data protection regulation (GDPR) is in force since 25 May 2018. The GDPR is directly applicable to all operators active on EU territory. The new rules give citizens more control over their personal data.
We have updated our privacy policy accordingly on May 25:
Show EU-GDPR compliant privacy policy (German)
Here you will find tips on the implementation of the EU GDPR:
FAQ's on the topic (German)

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