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Below are some of the points covered by our Privacy Policy.


The Webland's Privacy Policy applies to all websites operated by Webland (hereinafter referred to as Webland websites). Webland cannot guarantee that external websites accessible by links from Webland websites comply with the Webland's data protection requirements.

Use of information

You may visit our websites freely without being required to provide any personal details. A few non-personal items of usage data, such as your IP address, the website you last visited, which browser you are using, date and time, etc., are recorded so that we can identify trends and improve our online services. The data is anonymized. It cannot be traced to you and is not used to attempt to derive information about you.

When ordering or purchasing certain services and products online - e.g. a hosting subscription - you are required to provide certain items of personal information so that we can process your request.

Here you will find our complete Privacy Policy. For legal reasons, this Privacy Policy is only available in German.

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