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Integration of database systems into one’s own website

Database systems were conceived to store information comfortably and quickly and to reply to requests of high complexity. If these features are combined with the Internet’s communication potential, it is possible to make any research in WWW accessible databases, however complex it may be. The combination of Internet and databases offers a large scope of application to website providers. They can offer websites whose information are used only at the moment of a database’s access. Websites are no longer static but dynamic and user-specific.

Investigations into the acceptance of websites have shown that static and well designed websites have a high click rate but that visitors rarely come back again. Dynamic websites which allow the visitor to make an interactive selection of requested information proved to be more successful.

Access to database systems:

Access to database systems is realized with the aid of script languages. Webland AG supports the following script languages:

  • .NET(C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++/CLI (Managed C++), Delphi Prism etc.)
  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • ASP (Active Server Pages)
  • ASP.NET (enhancement of ASP)
  • Perl (CGI script language)
  • ColdFusion (Application Server)

The following database systems are supported by Webland AG:

Microsoft SQL:

MSSQL is a powerful client-server database system. MSSQL database systems are not file-based but are running on special and powerful database servers. Access to a MS SQL database can be made both with Access (from version 2003 onwards) and with the MSSQL Server Management Studio (most recent version). The Express version (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express) can be downloaded for free at Advantages of MS SQL:

  • Very powerful MultiUser client-server database system
  • High level of security through integrated SQL server authentification
  • MS SQL database can be approached by several websites if required
  • Transactions with Commit/Rollbacks

Scope of application: MSSQL is an optimal solution for powerful and dynamic websites at mid and high level, wherever data security is of importance, high data volumes arise and performance is an issue.


MySQL is a client-server database system primarly used in conjunction with the script languages Perl and PHP. Access to a MySQL database is made, for example, with "SQLyog MySQL GUI" (a web-based graphic desktop for easy treatment of MySQL databases). You can download "SQLyog MySQL GUI" for free in our download area. Advantages of MySQL:

  • Powerful multi-user client-server database system
  • Economical
  • MySQL database can be approached by several websites if required
  • Wide distribution

Scope of application: MySQL is an optimal solution for powerful and dynamic websites in conjunction with the script languages PHP and Perl.

Microsoft Access:

MS Access is not designed for use in 24x7 server applications. This means that entirely database-based websites should definitely be operated with a MSSQL (or MySQL) database.

MS Access is a member of Microsoft Office-Suite and is therefore widely spread. Access is a file-based client database system.

  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Database files can be published on the webserver at any time and be downloaded again.

Scope of application: MS Access is the solution for small private websites for operating a guestbook or similar applications.

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