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Frequently asked Questions

Yes. Webland is a member of the officially accredited Registrar Association COREhub s.r.l. and is thus a registrar for .swiss domain names.

The so-called General Availability Period is opened since January 11, 2016.

Please follow carefully the registration requirements for .swiss domain names before you apply for a domain with us.

General Availability period

The following names may be requested:

  • Swiss company names and trademarks
  • other names such as those designating a product, an event, a campaign, a project as well as invented names
  • geographic names
  • names corresponding to indicators with generic character or which are similar to such (e.g. hotel, taxi, lawyer)

Note the special conditions for generic domain names (z.B., etc.)

The following are eligible for the assignment of a domain name:

  • Bodies registered with the Swiss commercial register having their headquarter and an actual administrative site in Switzerland (companies, associations, foundations, persons registered with the Swiss commercial register)
  • Swiss public bodies or other public law organisations (Confederation, cantons, municipalities)
  • Associations and foundations having their headquarter and an actual administrative site in Switzerland

At present, private individuals cannot submit a registration application !

No !
It is not intended by the registry, the OFCOM, that .swiss domain names can be applied by individual persons.

The registry will refuse to register a domain name if, after assessing the request, it is of the opinion that the assignment criteria are not fulfilled or if the request involves a name which cannot be registered in the .swiss domain.

A registrant whose registration request has been rejected has a right of appeal.

The .swiss Top Level Domain creates added value for its holders, because it:

  • unmistakably indicates the origin and the base of Swiss businesses and organisations.
  • underlines identification with the Swiss brand and its values.
  • gives the web presence of Swiss organisations the exclusivity they deserve.
  • raises the profile of Swiss brands far beyond the national frontiers.

The fee for a normally allocated .swiss domain name is CHF 149.- / year (incl. VAT.).

For domain names, which are issued in the naming mandate, so-called generic domain names (e.g.,, there is a CHF 3500.- (incl. VAT) one-off fee and annual fees of CHF 500.- (incl. VAT).

The registry (OFCOM) justified the higher prices compared to other endings, that the procurement and operation of domains will lead to significantly more overhead (compliance with directives, various checks, etc.).

The registry, the OFCOM, provides information under the following Web pages:


It is also possible to register domain names as a precautionary measure. The holder of a .swiss domain name is not required to actually use it.
Implementation will, however, be mandatory for domain names that correspond to generic designations which are assigned by way of naming mandates.

A holder change requires the approval of OFCOM. The exact procedure is not yet defined.

.SWISS Pre-registration


.swiss - The added value

.swiss stands for the features of the Swiss brand which are recognised worldwide, such as quality, precision and reliability.

The .swiss Top Level Domain creates added value for its holders:


Indicates unmistakably the origin


Identification with the Swiss brand


Gives the web presence the exclusivity

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