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Hosting Business Cluster

"Webland’s Business Cluster" is designed for website providers who make great demands on data throughput and availability which cannot be achieved with shared hosting or a dedicated server.
As far as specific project solutions are concerned, the standardization of "Webland’s Business Clusters" creates a solution at a fraction of the cost. The product distinguishes itself by a high speed, bandwidth, fail safety, fault tolerance and scalability.
"Webland’s Business Cluster" consists of several webservers. The load of users is taken up by a series of systems, which ensures fast page loading even with a large number of accesses at the same time. Ideally, Webland’s business cluster is operated with a dedicated and managed MSSQL or MySQL database.
In case of technical problems with individual servers, the fail safety of "Webland’s Business Cluster" ensures the website’s availability. Additional tasks will be taken on by other systems within this cluster.
The system is extendable. Additional webservers and database servers can be added by the use of load balancers.

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Many new features* for Windows Hostings:
IIS 10 - HTTP/2 - Web Application Firewall - Websockets - Node.js - DOT.NET Core - PHP 7 ...

Hosting Features

  • Cluster Power
  • Windows Multi-Tech or Unix
  • High Performance
  • Isolated application pool (2 GB RAM)
  • 250 GB Storage
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts
  • 100 MS SQL / mySQL databases
  • 100 Manageable domains
  • 25 FTP users
  • AppCenter with over 70 applications
  • SmartAnalytics

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* Some features are only available for hosting business plans