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Increased security policies due to spam attacks (30.03.2015)

Due to spam attacks we are forced to immediately implement the following security measure to prevent a mail server abuse by spammers.

To enable sending e-mails via applications, it is necessary that at least one (preferably both) conditions are met:

1. The sender's e-mail address (From) is a registered e-mail address (or alias) at Webland
and / or
2. The recipient (To) e-mail address (or alias) is registered at Webland.

You can see all registered e-mail addresses (and aliases) in the System Configurator under E-Mail / Xchange. Here , you can set up also a new address.

Should it not be possible to meet at least one of these points, for example, when operating your own mail server or an e-mail domain alias, so you can set your own sender e-mail address to the whitelist. You can do this in the System Configurator -> Settings -> Sending E-mail via App

Only the shipping via mail server MSScript1, MSApp1, and MSCommerce1 is affected by these measures.

No adjustments are necessary for the Webland form mail script and forms created with the WebsiteBuilder.