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Xchange / Exchange

Webland Xchange is based on the communications solution by IceWarp.
Webland Xchange is based on the data-synchronisation-protocol Exchange ActiveSync® (EAS) by Microsoft. This protocol was developed by Microsoft to synchronise mobile devices with a central server. The licensed EAS-protocol makes a real ‘over-the-air” synchronisation of iPhones and other devices possible without the need to install additional software.
Webland Xchange supports the so-called DirectPush® function by Microsoft. The DirectPush® function makes it possible to synchronise data initialised by the Xchange-server with your mobile phone.   This means your data are up-to-date everywhere and at all times.

IceWarp Server (formerly IceWarp Merak Mail Server) is a proprietary communications solution with the core components Mailserver and Groupware. The entire solution was developed by the European company IceWarp Ltd.; official partners (such as Webland) handle distribution and support.

The Exchange Server is a Groupware and message system from Microsoft. It is used most of all in infrastructures shaped by Microsoft products and is suitable for networks of all sizes. It can be used to construct intranets, manage and filter e-mails, generate schedules, make appointments and hold discussions.  Microsoft Exchange Server uses a proprietary RPC protocol named MAPI, which is used by Microsoft Outlook, among others, as well.  Entourage, Microsoft’s PIM Software and Exchange-Client for Mac OS X, use WebDAV instead of MAPI.


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