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The internet, ‘the net’ for short, is a worldwide network consisting of many computer networks through which data is exchanged. It makes it possible to use internet services such as e-mail, Telnet, Usenet, file transfer, WWW and, recently, telephony, radio and television in an increasing measure. In principle, every computer can be connected with every other computer worldwide. The data exchange between the individual internet computers is affected using technically normed internet protocols. The technology of the internet is described by the RFCs of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Colloquially, the term ‘internet’ is often used synonymously with WWW, since it is one of the most-used internet services and has contributed significantly to the popularity of the medium.  In contrast, other media services, such as telephony, television and radio, have only recently been available on the internet and continue to operate their original means of technical dissemination parallel to it.


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